“Debbie’s hair looks and feels incredible now. I advised that she took my range of Simone Thomas Wellness supplements and we can clearly see the evidence.”

Mum of two Debbie leads a very busy life, single mum to son Miller and daughter Mimi she also works for her local hospital and thus finds very little time for herself. Her pride and glory has always been her wonderful blonde mane of hair, however after the birth of both her children she found that her hair was gradually getting thinner and literally changed completely in texture.  “It felt so fine”, said Debbie, adding “I was almost afraid to use heat on my hair as it became so static and flyaway”. Debbie lived with her fine hair by constantly adding hair extensions to aid volume and depth but found this solution expensive and high maintenance.

Debbie’s friend suggested she joined the trials of Simone Thomas Wellness programme – today is evidence of her renewed lustrous hair.  “For the first three months I didn’t really see any change, however people started to comment on how shiny my hair was”, said Debbie. “By the fourth month it really did take a turn – when I visited my hairdresser and had my extensions removed she said ‘why are you having hair extensions, you seem to have so much hair?’ This was literally music to Debbie’s ear “to be honest I couldn’t believe that they had all been removed – so I bit the bullet and just opted for a colour service and trim instead!”. Simone says: ‘Debbie’s hair looks and feels incredible now. I advised that she took my range of Simone Thomas Wellness supplements and we can clearly see the evidence.’


As a glamour model, Karla opted for some silicone implants in her breast which had to be removed due to health issues. As a direct result of the operation, Karla’s hair started thinning and she opted for hair extensions until such time that she noticed that her hair was coming out as the extensions did. With no one to turn to she dialled a recommended hair loss expert and although it meant her travelling at that time to Bournemouth – she found herself in the hands of Simone Thomas.

Simone fitted Karla with a wonderful hair volumizer and put her on a diet programme, as well as a course of her Simone Thomas Wellness supplements – the results have been breath taking.

“I’m amazed with the results. I was in such a state when I saw Simone – I spent most of our consultation in tears.  I have to admit that I didn’t feel better overnight, but I rigorously followed Simone’s tailor-made plan for me, and it really has, hand-on-heart, put me on the road to recovery. I feel good inside and that in itself reflects in my hair and skin. I can’t thank her or recommend her enough.”


Grandmother Vi has suffered from arthritis for over three decades and consequently takes a cocktail of pills to help relieve the constant pain she’s in. These have also had an adverse reaction to her hair making it both dull and lifeless.  She’d always had a remarkable head of hair however she found that she literally couldn’t do anything with it – it had no life. “I’ve always gone to the hairdressers regularly and had a cut and colour and we both agreed that my hair was beginning to change quite dramatically and felt that it couldn’t be due to age alone. I started to scour the internet and Simone at that time was looking for people to trial her range of supplements and I thought – what have I got to lose? I met up with Simone at her salon and she took me under her wing.

Interestingly enough I’ve also upped my exercise and changed a few things about my diet and caffeine intake on her advice – also drink ten times the amount of water that I used to. Coupled with this I trialled her Wellness supplements and whether it was the diet she implemented or the range of supplements my hair is now thicker and far more manageable than it ever was! In fact, my hairdresser groans when she sees me as it takes so long for her to blow dry it!”.